Pathways to Cleaner Production in the Americas

The Pathways to Cleaner Production in the Americas project is a multinational effort aimed at facilitating the transition to sustainable industrial development (SID) in the region. The project incorporates multidisciplinary education in business, engineering, and environment as a collective response to the need for awareness of sustainability, technical competencies and innovative skills in industry across the Americas. Overall, this alliance helps generate a modern workforce to implement cleaner production practices, while also directly benefiting micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) participating in the activities. Faculty members collaborate with industry professionals in their respective countries to lead their students in conducting energy, process and material audits, developing strategies for improving financial and environmental performance, and helping companies to implement these strategies. In addition, the universities host workshops for industry participants to learn about best practices developed through the project.

We focus on three main activities to achieve our goal:

  1. Strengthening academic training related to SID through faculty capacity building for delivering new content, curricular design and modification, and training environmental professionals in partner countries.
  2. Increasing adoption of cleaner production and sustainability practices in MSMEs through increased interaction with academia, especially through experiential learning projects where students work directly with MSMEs.
  3. Creating a virtual forum to promote systemic collaboration and information sharing on sustainable industrial development education and application among the partner institutions and others in the region.